February 16, arrived with a temperature of minus 12. My hot water in the kitchen froze for the first time ever. I quickly got it thawed with a hair dryer. I have to remember to leave the doors open under the sink as the wind was causing very low temperatures against the back of my house.

Paul Levin, a 1989 Guilderland High School graduate, was recently selected and honored as a Master Teacher. Responding to strengthening our nation’s K-12 STEM Education, Governor Andrew Cuomo launched the New York State Master Teacher Program. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

On Monday, Feb. 9, it snowed all day. We ended up with 14-inches of snow.

My daughter, Marcia Pangburn, dropped her daughter, Kyra, off at my house because school was closed. Kyra and I enjoyed scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

<p>When I spoke on the phone to our daughter Elizabeth her voice sounded like she was out of breath. As a typical mother, I was concerned and asked if she was OK. With a slight laugh in her voice she replied that she was fine.

Five of us were driving to a meeting when Pat swerved wildly to avoid hitting an animal that was crossing the road. As we all readjusted ourselves, we collectively (and individually) berated her for endangering us all.