As we turned off of the main road we drove up a short driveway to the security station. A gentleman in a crisp white shirt, black tie and pin-striped trousers came out and with his clipboard in hand and gave us a very warm greeting.

While wandering up and down the aisles at the grocery store today, I stopped in the health products area and was reminded of a comment that was made, several years ago. I have told the story before, but this part of it was driven home on this trip to the grocers. 

Monday, April 7, was my Zoey day. Danielle brought me her walker and Zoey spent the day following me around the house in it. I had planned to spend time outside but it was still very cold. We played on my bed and Zoey ripped off two cardboard nametags Nichole had taped on the bed.

March 31, was still winter. The sidewalks were very icy and we received two-inches of snow during the night.

My sister, Pat Sykala, picked up her daughter, Sondra Weingand, in Voorheesville and then me and we drove to Starkville to visit our sister-in-law, Linda Richardson.

Reading The Altamont Enterprise has always given me a lot of joy. It informs me about so many different things that are going on in and around the village. With the editorials I have the opportunity to keep in touch with some of the hot topics of the week.