ALTAMONT — Those close to Reverend Robert Luidens — who will soon be retiring as pastor of the Altamont Reformed Church after 31 years — will tell you about his dedication to visiting people confined to a hospital or a nursing home or their own home. He does this not just for members of his church but also for their friends, for village residents, and for friends of the church from other denominations. And he does it not just once but as often as may be needed, they say.


Read the promises made during the campaigns in your town and work to make the ones you believe in a reality.


Carman will be the only Republican member of the town board, the first since Mark Grimm and Warren Redlich decided not to run for re-election in 2012. He and Centi join Democrats Paul Pastore and Patricia Slavick.

New Scotland

Cynthia Elliott wants to replant her family's Scotch Hill Acres tree farm and use the site's enclosed pavilion as an outdoor banquet facility during the off season. 

Prose & Poetry

And when I get out of here, I’m going to live in The Alfred. That’s what I want to tell him. Instead, I just look through my tears at his name tag that reads GENERAL MANAGER and underneath JAVIER SOSA.


Guilderville finished in fourth place with 277 points in qualifiers last weekend.


Director Penny Shaw says there's a melancholy to the Toyland song, "Once you leave its borders you can never return again." But, she said, children can bring you back.


In December, a family sets aside the mundane and reads about the magical.