Warren Redlich will get to have his day in court.

On April 21, Justice Richard Braun on the New York Supreme Court handed down a decision that begins, “Politics is too often a ‘dirty business.’” Braun is allowing Redlich’s defamation claim against Carl Paladino, Roger Stone, and Michael Caputo to go to trial.


The children who are victimized should feel no shame. The shame is on us if we don’t work to combat it.


GUILDERLAND — The university foundation, which in January bought the nine-acre Holt-Harris property, tore the older of the site’s two houses down during the last week of April and plans to demolish the other shortly.

New Scotland

Business owners Gary Guyette and P. J. Hognestad want to expand or start up agriculture and outdoors supply businesses along Route 308.


Voorheesville girls varsity softball team took on Watervliet on  Monday  April 25.


A county medical examiner said the cause of Carl Baranishyn Jr.'s death was suicide by police.


GUILDERLAND — John Hodgson has made a wooden box topped with a sankofa, a traditional African symbol meaning “to return for what was left behind.”

Prose & Poetry

June Frances Coleman draws on her life to write, as honestly as she can, about what it is like to be black in America. In doing so, she captures a humanity larger than race.

Coleman’s short story, “Across 62nd Street,” is featured in our Prose & Poetry section.