Four of the town board’s five members, a supermajority, would have to support the allowance.

The planning board heard Cynthia Elliott's report on decibel studies and a re-invented driveway, and discussed the extension of term limits for both themselves and zoning board members.


Vasilios "Vas" Lefkaditis, Knox Town Supervisor

WESTMERE — Planners who have been working on a vision for the future of the Westmere corridor — which stretches from Route 155 in the west to Church Road in the east, connecting 20 Mall with Crossgates and Stuyvesant Plaza — will share their vision and ask for community input at an open-house meeting on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Tony Turi, Feura Bush

Creekside owner Bruce Boswell and the planning board smoothed out their issues with widening Miller Road, which led the board to grant final approval Tuesday. 

T.J. Vadney, Guilderland

Ed Ackroyd, Knox

ALTAMONT — After months of packed village meetings as Stewart’s proposed an expansion that would have required a zoning change, its bid failed Tuesday night with a tied village board vote, 2 to 2.

A zoning change requires a majority vote.

Don Reeb, Guilderland


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