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We are just seeing the beginnings of the colors of fall emerging in the village and up on the escarpment.  Summer finally is in the past and fall activities are about to go into full swing.  Here are some highlights for your information.

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For its entire existence, Altamont has been defined by and has been enhanced by a strong sense of volunteerism in its citizens.  For over 50 years, the Schilling family has personified that sense of volunteerism.

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At last week’s Guilderland Board of Education meeting, seven of the nine board members voted to direct Superintendent Marie Wiles to refocus the discussion about a consultant’s report and set aside its recommendations to close schools.  I applaud the seven members’ decision.

Last week, the Guilderland School District added future meetings to discuss a consultant’s report released last month that provided options to save the district money.  Five of the six options proposed closing elementary schools, and four of the five proposed closing Altamont Elementary School.

The Guilderland School District website (www.guilderlandschools.org) has posted a schedule of additional meetings on the district's building capacity study and delayed the Sept, 20 focus-group discussions until Nov. 1.

A group of concerned citizens from all walks of life within the Guilderland School District came together to help inform the Guilderland community of the value of keeping Altamont Elementary School open, to learn about the district plan to consider closing other schools, and to encourage the school district to think of alternative ways

The Guilderland School District is lucky that it is not faced with crumbling buildings and calls for educational performance improvement.  The district has performed well academically.

In 1976, the Guilderland School Board of Education considered the possibility of closing the Altamont Elementary School due to declining enrollment and to avoid an increase in the school tax rate.

There will be many activities to celebrate this summer in the village of Altamont.  I thought it would be helpful if I gave you a brief synopsis of the many scheduled events.  Enjoy the coming months.  They should present a great summer for culture, music, and entertainment!

Spring is upon us.  Although summer is just around the corner, this is the time to relish the beautiful rebirth of a new season.


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