The discovery that one Guilderland farmer has paid taxes for years on land that he did not actually own, at the edge of his property, has prompted the town and the county to redraw the tax map and look at a refund.


Historical markers are guideposts to our past, bringing attention to local history that is rarely recognized outside of school.


Artifacts were hard to come by in creating an exhibit of the Altamont Free Library’s 100-year history because it moved so often. So exhibit's curator relied on text.

New Scotland

As Voorheesville Area Ambulance Service looks to close its doors on Oct. 15, the town government is requesting that Albany County Sheriff’s EMS division expand its services to a 24/7 operation to cover VAAS’s former district.


Coyotes are in our midst . The state conservation department says, even if they have been silent in Knox this summer, they are generalists and cannot be decimated. A local farmer says, “The coyote is an opportunist.”


The reasons for Berne's supervisor dismissing an employee may include “insubordination,” but the highway superintendent says “there’s more to this."


A woman who gave her whole hearted support to female athletics at Berne-Knox-Westerlo is to be honored posthumously at the second annual induction ceremony of the BKW High School Athletic Hall of Fame next Thursday.