NEW SCOTLAND — A man of principle and passion, Peter Henner worked for causes he believed in with the same logic and commitment he used when playing chess. He tackled his legal work as he tackled mountains on climbs with his wife — with a sense of adventure.

“He always told everything straight,” said Nancy Lawson, his wife.

Mr. Henner died at his Clarksville home on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016. He was 64.


Historical markers are guideposts to our past, bringing attention to local history that is rarely recognized outside of school.


Sherry Francis of Altamont lost her apartment on Wednesday and has legal woes, hoping to explain in village court that her problems all started when she began taking a legal and prescribed drug.

New Scotland

As Voorheesville Area Ambulance Service looks to close its doors on Oct. 15, the town government is requesting that Albany County Sheriff’s EMS division expand its services to a 24/7 operation to cover VAAS’s former district.


The former Albany County Public Defender is moving on to direct a regional state office whose mission is  to strengthen legal protection for  non-citizen defendants.


The reasons for Berne's supervisor dismissing an employee may include “insubordination,” but the highway superintendent says “there’s more to this."


Guilderland's girls soccer and girls tennis teams battled against Suburban Council teams this past week on Sept 27 and Sept 23rd respectively.