Well under half the students in our schools who are eligible for free breakfasts eat this important meal. We need to change that.

Small class sizes affect Voorheesville's entire high school athletic program, according to Athletic Director Joseph Sapienza, as Voorheesville looks to join other districts to fill teams.

The Voorheesville Dionysians will perform “Into the Woods” at the Lydia C. Tobler Performing Arts Center March 18 to March 20.


The Voorheesville school district will hold a planning meeting with police on Thursday, March 10, from 1 to 3 p.m.


Voorheesville Blackbirds won their second consecutive Class C sectional title in winter boys’ volleyball last Saturday by beating Chatham three sets to one — 25-9, 25-14, 25-27, and 25-20 — at Maple Hill High School.

Boys’ sectional basketball quarterfinals heated up for the Voorheesville Blackbirds on Feb.

“During that time, you’re on your own,” said Captain Daniel McNally of the Guilderland Police.

He was referring to the minutes between a 9-1-1 call and the arrival of police. The national average is said to be three minutes, he said, “but I would argue it’s more than that.”

An emergency $10,000 repair to the Voorheesville pool done over the December vacation was not part of the $75,000, voter-approved project, according to a school administrator.

Blackbirds lose first conference game on Jan. 8 to Lansingburgh.

“To reach 100,000 feet with our balloon is our ultimate goal,” said former high school senior Alexandra Cunningham last March when Project Icarus was just getting underway.


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