Gerard Houser, Guilderland

Carolyn J Williams, Guilderland

The budget proposes a standard 2.5-percent raise for all town employees, and no new positions were eliminated or created.

“We are aware that the residents pay our salaries,” Cataldo said. “We want to take care of them.”

Enrolled voters in Guilderland are 38 percent Democrat and 25 percent Republican; enrolled Conservatives number just 450, or 2 percent. The remaining 35 percent are enrolled in other small parties or as independents.

The section proposed is between Route 146 and Carman Road, where a mural of Harold Greene was painted on the side of a bowling alley.

The symbolic “watchfire,” or very large ceremonial bonfire, is meant to honor all of those lost in United States military conflicts.

“Welkom in Gelderland” — No, it’s not spelled wrong!

The Guilderland Senior Services is offering the following activities the week of Sept. 21. Call the senior office at 356-1980, ext.

Chris MacDermot, Guilderland


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