Guilderland Public Library

Programs at the Guilderland public library have "shattered" expectations, its director ways, and electronic usage has soared while circulation of books has increased modestly.

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland Public Library is now home to a food pantry bin.

The idea for the bin came about gradually.

John Rowen, Guilderland

Arlene Shako, Schoharie

GUILDERLAND — At the Guilderland Historical Society’s Sept. 17 meeting, Tim Wiles will take on the persona of a 19th-Century ball player, dressed in a baseball uniform of the era,  reciting the 1888 comic poem  “Casey At The Bat.”

Christopher Aldrich, president; Judy Kahn, long-range planning chair; Guilderland Public Library Board of Trustees

“We wanted to do something to brighten the library, and, while looking at some of the artwork the high school students had on display here in May, well, it just gave me an idea,” said Tim Wiles, di

Rosemary C. Revoir, president of the Guilderland Library Foundation

GUILDERLAND — Five panelists at a heroin and opiate education forum on Wednesday agreed that the war on drugs is being lost and the biggest problems are with prevention and treatment.

For the first time in eight years, there is a race for trustee as the public library, in the wake of a resounding defeat to expand, plans to map its future.


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