building project

Westerlo's town board came under fire at Tuesday's meeting, accused by a few residents of continuing to exclude the public. 

Anita Marrone, Westerlo

George Langdon III, Kevin Flensted, Amie Burnside, Westerlo

In a town of 3,400, 500 voters turned out Sept. 1 and overwhelmingly voted down a proposal to repair and replace town buildings.

George Langdon III, Kevin Flensted, Amie Burnside, Westerlo

The special election comes just a few months before a large general election but several years after stalled plans to fix a leaking roof and a weathered highway garage.

A delay in the town's badly needed building projects, though unclear how long, is likely.

Anita Marrone, Westerlo

One of the more persistent concerns from residents was on the maintenance of the new, $1.8 million highway garage, so it would last longer.

A few residents have discussed gathering signatures in order to force a public vote on the bond that could be up to $2.75 million for building upgrades.


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