Herb Frauenberger, a retired New York Police officer now living in Guilderland, was on the scene when the Beatle was shot.

Luther and Solveig Snyder were married on Oct. 1, 1950. They were high school sweethearts, graduating from Altamont High School in 1948.

They were married at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Guilderland Center on Oct. 1, 1950.

Women wore jewelry and corsages as they viewed scrapbooks at the 50th anniversary celebration of the New Salem Department Auxiliary last Saturday.

Marion Parmenter remembers the Voorheesville library from when she was a child; she worked there as a teenager in the 1950s; and now she enjoys sewing there with the Nimblefingers.

At 75 years, the Rensselaerville Volunteer Fire Department showed little weariness Saturday. The ceremonial moments at the all-day celebration had the air and intimacy of a family reunion that ended with music and fireworks.

The music in the Westerlo Reformed Church on Sunday afternoon had people clapping, laughing, crying, and pondering with eyes closed, watered, or wide. The pews creaked beneath the mostly silent but enthusiastic congregation. Pale pink light shone through stained glass windows on Sept.

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