Jim Gaughan, mayor, Village of Altamont  

ALTAMONT — The simple phrases uttered to family and friends who do motocross summed up James Pearce’s nature:

“He always had a smile,” his father, Stephen Pearce, said. “He was always, ‘lighten up and let’s go.’”

George Pratt, Altamont

About 15 residents gave impassioned speeches, all of them opposed to the plan for a larger lot for the gas station and convenience store.

Carol DuBrin, Altamont

Kristin Casey, Altamont

Ed Bradt, Schenectady

Why was the zoning for a property targeted by a proposal for Stewart's Shops changed from light commercial to residential by the comprehensive plan?

 The village board is set to make a decision on the application at the public hearing scheduled for Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the village hall.

Ed Cowley III, Altamont


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