Photos: Repairing the House of Jehovah

Work underway this weekend included installing a new gable end with Don Graham at center.

Placing new fascia board, with Dan Sullivan at right.

Cutting trim.

Doing interior work, with Derrick Dougherty at far right.

Photographs by James E. Gardner

Doers of the work: Volunteers gutted the 20-year-old Kingdom Hall in Guilderland Center in August to completely refurbish the building. 

By Oct. 1, the eighty-seven Jehovah’s Witnesses who worship there will hold their first meeting. They’ll have a new bathroom and stage that is accessible to the handicapped, updated lighting and equipment, a building that meets fire code, and walls of mold-resistant Venetian plaster. Jehovah’s Witnesses have 137 Regional Building committees nationwide, 230,000 volunteers strong, that pitch in on building and rebuilding projects.

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