Altamont Fair

One of the chief pleasures of the Altamont Fair its its link to the agrarian past, a time when hens were raised in the backyard, horses were part of everyday life,sheep were shorn for wool, and that wool was spun and worked into wearable garments by hand.

Smoothies are extremely nutritious, and Jim Haas was really excited about it. 

Circus Hollywood brings various forms of entertainment to The Altamont Fair, including jugglers from Argentina and aerial performers.

ALTAMONT — The Giraffe Menagerie is a big draw for kids at The Altamont Fair because they get to feed a variety of animals, including Twiggs.

Twiggs is the Coronas family’s 16-year-old giraffe. They have owned him, as part of their Coronas of Hollywood show, since he was 3.

For many, The Altamont Fair offers a chance to appreciate gravity. Fairgoers are testing their stomachs and their skills this week, in the participatory side of the annual attraction.