How you are treated makes a difference in who you are — that's true of dogs as well as people, including prison inmates.

Letters to the Editor

Torure, hurting, others, is a subject most of us would like to turn away from. Nevertheless, some of us (we ourselves?) find descriptions and discussions of inflicting pain interesting or even exciting.

We see it in our kids — early on. Kinds are cruel. They will hurt their siblings, playmates, pets, even their parents.

To the Editor:

On Dec. 14, the New Salem Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary hosted its Seventh Annual Teddy Bear Tea with Mrs. Claus. Tea sandwiches, Christmas cookies, tea, and hot chocolate, all prepared by the auxiliary, were enjoyed with the 30 children and 31 adults in attendance.

To the Editor:

The Community Storehouse of Rock Road Chapel wishes to thank all those who have helped us make a difference in our community. We could not feed those in need without the support of so many kindhearted organizations and people.