People in Altamont stay because they love the school

To the Editor:

My name is Ahren. I think you should not close Altamont Elementary School because Altamont Elementary School is the perfect place to go. We even raised over $1,000 selling lemonade.

Plus the principal is great. We call him Mr. B. or Mr. Brabant. He is just wonderful.

I even think all the teachers K through 5 are perfect. I used to be in third grade; now I’m going into fourth grade.

I just love the whole school. I have not even been to fifth grade yet and I think it’s awesome.

Also, if somebody closed your school, you would be upset too.

Also, why do you think in Altamont you never see for-sale signs? Because people in Altamont stay because they love the school. That is why I think you should not close the Altamont school.

Ahren Smith

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