I hope you don’t have to shut down any school

To the Editor:

Hi, I am Katrina Rucinski. I am a student from Altamont. I think Altamont is one of the best schools in the in the world.

I really think you should keep this school open because a lot of people live in Altamont because it has this good school for their kids. Plus, if we have to go to another school, the bus ride would be so much longer and we would have to get up earlier and you’d have to pay more for gas.  

I hope you don’t have to shut down any school but, if you do, it definitely should not be Altamont. All of the parents love this school; that is why we live in Altamont.

It’s small and we all know each other so it’s safe and that’s the reason we get to do a lot of special things.  So I really hope you do not shut down our school.

Katrina Rucinski
Altamont Elementary student

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