Frozen water pipes in Altamont have inconvenienced us but made us keenly aware of the worth of water, and the need for preservation and equity worldwide.

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

You might be aware that a story appeared in the March 19, 2015, edition of The Altamont Enterprise, titled “Complaints about racial slurs persist at BKW.”

To the Editor:

Betcha didn’t know just how lucky this community is to have two well-founded active veterans’ service organizations.

Betcha didn’t know that thousands of dollars are raised and donated annually by these two local VSOs.

To the Editor:

I am grateful for Marcello Iaia’s article in The Enterprise titled, “Complaints about racial slurs persist at BKW,” because it brought to light the kinds of wounds that people of color and their children endure regularly and over the course of a lifetime.