VOORHEESVILLE — Clare Hemmett made a lasting impression on her Clayton A. Bouton Junior High School students 50 years ago. Now, her former students want to make an impression of their own.

“There is a bomb in this school,” was written on the wall of a bathroom stall, according to the Albany County Sheriff's Office. Students returned from evacuation in time for lunch.

“We raised over $1,800 for local families in need!” reported Thomas Reardon, principal of Voorheesville Elementary School of the funds raised during the school's annual talent show. Reardon enthusiastically served as master of ceremonies at the event, wearing a tuxedo for the occasion.

Being part of some of history's most storied battles and earning a Bronze Star hasn't diminished Kenneth Bailey's small-town qualities.

The Bisnett brothers once ran separate businesses, but now they are joining forces to open an information technology store on Voorheesville's Main Street.