The town says the property at 7 Ayre Dr. in Guilderland, which was destroyed last January, could be an “attractive nuisance,” or a dangerous site.

The newest building is the pool house at Tawasentha Park, which is scheduled for completion in mid-June. The final bid estimate for the construction of the building — which will include locker rooms and a concession stand — is $777,800, or three-quarters of a million dollars. 

Dr. Jane DeRook, now 90, is saddened by the way the town of Guilderland cut ties with her 45-year volunteer labor of love, the Guilderland Ballet. 

GUILDERLAND — This afternoon, the car of an elderly Latham couple crashed into a bus, killing the woman passenger.

The crash took place just before 1 p.m. where the Northway meets Route 20.

Tree work has "many safety hazards," according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control.

Library trustees have briefly discussed reducing the size of their 11-member board, as often candidates are lacking, but decided 11 are necessary for committee work

Programs at the Guilderland public library have "shattered" expectations, its director ways, and electronic usage has soared while circulation of books has increased modestly.

GUILDERLAND — Samantha Coons, 19, who has lived in Guilderland all her life, is heading toward a career in either health administration (“running a hospital and shaping its culture”) or acting as an economic advisor to policymakers.

The idea, which could include permaculture, pollinator plants, and or a beehive, is “nothing more than a notion right now."

GUILDERLAND — After a car crash on Saturday night, a father with his 7-year-old daughter in the car was arrested under Leandra’s Law, which makes it an automatic felony to drive drunk with a person younger than 16 in the vehicle.

GUILDERLAND — Incumbents Barbara Fraterrigo and Gloria Towle-Hilt are running again for the Guilderland School Board. They are joined by newcomer Teresa Gitto.