“I made my plans clear back in September or October that I planned to retire around Thanksgiving,” said Kenneth Runion.

ALTAMONT — Mike Houghton has a small dental lab in a converted garage at his home in Sprakers, but at this time of year, the equipment for making gold and porcelain crowns gets crowded out by Santa gear. Houghton plays Santa at many area events, including the Altamont Victorian Holiday.

ALTAMONT — It all started from a phone call. A neighbor noticed that cars were coming and picking up packages that had been delivered to a house that was vacant and for sale. The neighbor called the Altamont Police.

"We shift to a mindset of focusing on what the student can do, not what the student can’t do," said Demian Singleton, explaining the school district's focus on inclusion.

ALTAMONT — The sun is bright though the air is chill on Monday morning as kids in Amy Martin’s fourth-grade class cavort during recess outside Altamont Elementary School.

In a playground game, two girls cross their arms over their chests as a classmate, Michael Puzio, approaches.

The fire, said the release, grew substantially within minutes, and caused damage to the bathtub and surrounding areas.