KNOX — Irma Margarita Fox Garlock carved a life of self-reliance.

An independent woman who valued honesty, she didn’t let hardship mar her good humor and she was able to find and create beauty from everyday objects.

Mrs. Garlock died peacefully on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015. She was 98.

ALTAMONT — An efficient and particular woman, Eileen Ruth McKenney put her family first, followed by her faith, friends, and community.

Kathleen “Kate” Grimm, a civic-minded woman who touched many lives, died peacefully, at her New York City home, on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015. She was 68.

Mark Grimm, of Guilderland, said his sister was his hero.

“What a great sense of duty she had,” he said. “She was a great leader, someone you always wanted to follow.”

HUNTERSLAND — A homemaker who sewed brightly-colored quilts and kept her cookie jar full for her grandchildren, Daisy May Schanz was a caring and social woman.

Her pies, which she gave to people on happy or sad occasions, were made from scratch with lard, and she knitted mittens and quilts by hand.

KNOX — Thomas R. Filkins, a gentle and friendly man who was a tank mechanic during World War II and a postal carrier for most of his career, relished the role of public servant.