ALBANY COUNTY — Voters will have choices on Nov. 3 as, unlike four years ago, the Republicans, outnumbered by more than 2 to 1 by Democrats, have put up candidates for Albany County leadership posts. (See related candidate profiles)

ALBANY COUNTY — Republican Travis Stevens, seeking his second term representing the 31st District in Albany County, says he listens, and he can work across party lines to get things done for his community.

ALBANY COUNTY — Democrat Nicholas Viscio, a 22-year member of the Knox Town Board, is making his first run for a county post.

ALBANY COUNTY — Daniel Plaat is running for county executive on the Green Party line not because he thinks he can win but because he wants to make a difference.

ALBANY COUNTY — On Monday, Republican Francis J. Vitollo — “Call me Joe” — was out posting election signs and going door to door to convince people to vote for him as Albany County’s next executive.

“People think their vote doesn’t count, but they’re wrong,” he said. “This race will be close if we get people out to vote.”

ALBANY COUNTY — Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy beat his challenger in September’s Democratic primary with 60 percent of the vote. In the weeks before the Nov. 3 general election, he is urging county residents to vote, just vote — no matter for whom.

ALBANY COUNTY — Craig Apple is running unopposed for county sheriff, a post he has held since June 2011 when his predecessor, James Campbell, suddenly resigned after 21 years at the helm.

A pilot program at the county jail to help drug addicts who want to quit is a needed step to stop the vicious circle of addiction leading to crime; it will save not only money but lives.

“The charter would leave it up to the legislators to determine how large the legislature should be and that’s like putting the wolves in charge of the hen house,” Grimm said.

Connolly said she briefly considered pulling out of the race after losing the primary election, but she still has the endorsement of the Conservative and Independence parties, and had a lot of verbal support when she campaigned door-to-door.


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