To preserve the foundation of their heritage, with development slowly chipping away at it, neighbors formally organized to become the not-for-profit Rapp Road Historical Association.

ALTAMONT — A priest whose quest in life was “to make Jesus real” is described by those who knew him best as being like Jesus himself.

Joseph F. Girzone died on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015, at St. Peter’s Hospice Inn in Albany. He was 85. His books were read by millions of people around the world.

Sometimes we hear the phrase “buy local” and think: That’s a good idea, but just not practical. Local goods are hard to find, and expensive, aren’t they?

In the 19th Congressional seat, incumbent Republican Chris Gibson is self-imposing term limits while contemplating a run for state office.

A new law will allow police access to child abuse records, and require an employee of the Office of Children and Family Services to be available to overrule denials of records by local social services, in the case of a missing child.

Read the promises made during the campaigns in your town and work to make the ones you believe in a reality.

In December, a family sets aside the mundane and reads about the magical.

The Consumer Price Index is a blunt instrument that isn’t able to measure with precision the pieces needed for fairly calculating costs.

If county Executive Daniel McCoy signs the legislation, Albany County would be the fifth in the state to ban microbeads.

The annual Community Caregivers gala will be held on Nov. 14 at the Colonie Golf and Country Club in New Scotland.


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