ALBANY COUNTY — Twenty-four emergency response organizations in Albany County will receive a new radio as part of a system to improve communications.

The new building will incorporate features like a vegetative roof and the use of gray water systems.

If you’re reading this, you have a greater chance of voting than most.

This summer’s drought has dried even wetlands, raising concerns from at least one resident, although experts say it’s part of a natural cycle for wetlands.

John MacDonald, of 153 Altamont Road in Voorheesville, said that the wetland behind his house was “as dry as I’ve seen it in the 18 years we’ve been here.” 

Dripping Springs, TEXAS — Michael Robert Quay, who loved film and song, died on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. He was 28. 

Michael was born to Susan Elizabeth Quay and Michael Edwin Shaffer, of Schenectady, in 1986.

Why do people volunteer?  The answers are as varied as the people I interviewed. I asked some of Caregivers’ volunteers what actually motivated them to volunteer.

Ken Rice, Poultney, Vermont 

The search for a new vehicle can either lead to family bonding or family trauma.

Local school districts are not meeting minimal state requirements for physical education. Kids need more exercise, not just to curb the obesity epidemic, but to improve their ability to learn.

The Conservative Party primaries in Albany County on Sept. 10 had mixed results.

There are 475 enrolled Conservatives in Guilderland and 201 enrolled Conservatives in New Scotland.


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