New York's educational system is ostensibly one of home rule; forcing all schools into the same mold is not the best way to help students. Programs should be tailored by each district to fit its needs.

In conjunction with National Lymphedema Awareness Day, Senator George Amedore read a resolution passed by the Senate the day before it was visited by Emma Detlefsen, a 6-year-old from Berne who has helped to raise funds to research the disease that she has.

To the Editor:

Pay-to-play refers to individuals, businesses, or organizations making campaign contributions to public officials and receiving paybacks in return. These paybacks include lucrative county contracts, influence over legislation, and political appointments.

A couple of winters ago, we had so little snow that I never once started my snowblower. This year was obviously Mother Nature's payback.

Farmers gathered in Syracuse last week to sell, to visit, and to celebrate New York's agricultural community at the state's annual farm show.

Community Caregivers celebrated the spirit of Valentine’s Day by holding a special dinner for the residents of the Omni Senior Living Community on Carman Road in Guilderland.  The 14th Annual Itali

A performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s "St.

Bowlers need focus, but they also need to be able to read oil patterns on the lane.

The 24th annual New York in Bloom show adorned the New York State Museum  with colorful arrangements reflecting historic agriculture and firefighting.

To the Editor:


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