In a county dominated by Democratic voters, next Thursday’s primary will decide the next county executive.

The Enterprise asked candidates about issues facing the county, including heroin use, county consolidation, suburban poverty, veterans' services, and care for the elderly.

The $610 million plan— a hike of $12 million — is based on increased sales of 1.1 percent over 2015, estimated at $104 million, according to Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy.

The Duanesburg Central School District received a $7,500 Muscle Milk Recovery Grant to purchase high school fitness room equipment, including free weights, a universal weight system, ropes, and an elliptical machine.

“People need to know that other people care. That’s huge. It helps them have hope," says a faculty member who advises schools on helping students living in poverty. Each of us can make a difference.

Searching for a college can be a trying experience.

County Legislator Herbert Reilly says he recalls the pain he saw in Clarksville years ago from polluted water and so has drafted a bill to protect public water supplies from blasting.

KNOX — Meaghan Sherman of Knox married John Novak III of Goshen, New York, on May 16, 2015.

Their Alice In Wonderland-themed wedding was held on a beautiful evening at Riverstone Manor in Glenville, New York.  

Political parties and elected representatives need to look beyond the minimum requirements of the law.

Interest in the “village movement” for aging in the community continues to spread across the country and state.


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