Guilderland, Bethlehem, and New Scotland have seen a rash of break-ins during the last four weeks, and, in the village of Voorheesville, there have been two burglaries and one attempted burglary of residential homes.

If we work together, we may yet save our planet.

Around the Capital Region, dogs and cats who hang out in their owners’ shops and businesses are brightening the days of customers with a lick or a purr.

We’d like to think that generous people give from their hearts and not as part of a calculated move to reduce their tax bills.

The not-for-profit group Scenic Hudson, aligned with the Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition, has opposed a transmission line upgrade projected to move massive amounts of power across the state to the New York City area, but the state's Public Service Commission announced that plans will continue and that work on the lines will reduce or eliminate adverse environmental, landowner, and economic impacts. 

Elisa Fasulo — who lives half the year just outside of Altamont — has carved out a quiet life, running her own art gallery and tattoo shop in southwestern Florida two weeks of every month, and the rest of the time teaching tattooing at Austin’s School of Spa Technology in Albany.

But it was a long, bumpy, and sometimes dangerous road to this place of relative calm. Just four years ago, Fasulo filmed the premiere of a Discovery Channel/TLC reality show called “Tattoo School.” When the network announced the premiere, hate mail and death threats poured in from around the world to Fasulo, the two tattoo schools she owned at the time, and the network itself.

Without the rigidity of teaching to a standardized test, educators may soar.

Although the snow boots may still be in the hall closet this December, we know that the weather will turn to ice and snow before long and driving will become more challenging.  Just as we adapt our

Humans must honor the contract that protects deer.

On Dec. 10, President Barack Obama signed a law that replaced the No Child Left Behind Act with the Every Student Succeeds Act. George W.


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