New Scotland

Thacher Park has shear, vertical rock faces that could make for a challenging climb. Rock-climbers may get their chance at adventure if the park's new master plan is implemented.

The 71st Annual Punkintown Fair, held on July 26 in New Salem, is the volunteer fire department’s three-day fund-raiser that includes rides, games, and animals.


The village would recoup about $8,000 into its general fund if the village court is dissolved.

NEW SCOTLAND — Leading a platoon of 53 men into one of the bloodiest battles of World War II, 2nd Lt. Sanford “Sandy” Berkman and all of the Marines under his command would be wounded or killed while fighting on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima. 


“Have we told you of our family pride?

            The loving one with blue, blue, eyes.

The one who can sing the birds to shame.

            The one who makes life fun and games.

His ready smile makes life more fun.

            His soul is blessed — a spirited one.

The contract between the village and the Voorheesville ambulance squad was approved with a split vote, with the amount in reserves for a roof fund, a new vehicle fund, or a maintenance fund a particular point of contention.

Timothy Albright, a life member of the New Scotland Historical Association, came across documents describing the efforts by his native town and county to spend tax money to help people in poverty in the 19th century.

A schoolhouse suits John Curley as he began and ended his long career in education as a teacher. Now he is the director of the Feura Bush Neighborhood Library, which is housed in a quaint old one-room schoolhouse.

NEW SCOTLAND — Three area residents were injured Wednesday when two vehicles collided head-on and a third crashed while trying to avoid the accident along State Farm Road.


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