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To the Editor:

To the Editor:

New Scotland Town-wide Volunteer Day needs volunteers for Saturday, May 2. With over a dozen projects reaching from the village of Voorheesville to Feura Bush and places in between, we need volunteers to commit to helping make the day a success.

To the Editor:

The melting of snow each spring brings a sense of joy back to town, and also uncovers debris and disrepair once hidden beneath the icy blanket.  For many members of our community, especially the elderly, the required maintenance of spring-cleaning is simply unmanageable alone.

To the Editor:

I believe most parents don’t think too much about school nurses.  Over the years, they may get a phone call because their child has a fever, or isn’t feeling well, and need to pick up their child.

VOORHEESVILLE — Susan Balmaceda has lived right near the downtown business district of Voorheesville since she was 2 — fifty-four years ago, she said.

“I used to go down with my friends to play around the old Grove Hotel, even though my mother told me not to,” she said.

The sun shone Saturday on over 100 volunteers who came out for the inaugural Green Clean to tidy up and celebrate Voorheesville.

VOORHEESVILLE — Three brothers from a small school have all been chosen by the nation’s top military academy — West Point.

Their care for each other belies the reputation of an armored soldier.

Women wore jewelry and corsages as they viewed scrapbooks at the 50th anniversary celebration of the New Salem Department Auxiliary last Saturday.

New Voorheesville Superintendent Brian Hunt is set to take the helm in July. Hunt began his teaching career in Voorheesville, and left in 2001 to become an administrator. When the superintendent's position opened at Voorheesville, he said, "I couldn't pass it up."

Police continue to investigate a crash on Route 32 that sent a teenager to the hospital in serious condition, after the vehicle's driver lost control on a difficult S-curve and hit a tree.


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