New Scotland

Decades of accidents on a stretch of Route 32 in New Scotland should spur the state's Department of Transportation to take action on its own recommendations or the April 17 crash won't be the last.

Questions of jurisdiction between the towns of Bethlehem and New Scotland for properties along Krumkill Road hinder development.

Voorheesville Elementary students learn relaxation skills and partnership exercises in an eight-week yoga class.

A Voorheesville school district official said a bomb threat and vandalism in the same week are unrelated incidents.

To the Editor:

Between two candidates for two school board seats, the person with the most votes will fill a four-year term, and the person with the second most will take a three-year position.

It’s early Sunday morning and I arrive at the home of Rich and Joanne Porter for another Town-wide Volunteer Day planning meeting.  Other cars are pulling up and I’m grateful. I had changed the time of the meeting via a panicked email the day before and I knew that I had probably disrupted some plans.

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

New Scotland Town-wide Volunteer Day needs volunteers for Saturday, May 2. With over a dozen projects reaching from the village of Voorheesville to Feura Bush and places in between, we need volunteers to commit to helping make the day a success.

To the Editor:

The melting of snow each spring brings a sense of joy back to town, and also uncovers debris and disrepair once hidden beneath the icy blanket.  For many members of our community, especially the elderly, the required maintenance of spring-cleaning is simply unmanageable alone.


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