The first day of September this year was on a Tuesday, and, through a haze mixed with fog, some OFs had to use their windshield wipers (on their way to

Friday was a busy day in Berne as two public works projects brought officials to the Helderberg Hilltown — one project was completed and another is about to begin.

BERNE — Ed Hampton of Berne was the winner in a recent Berne Conservation Club drawing; he took home a black powder Thunder Hawk .50 caliber gun.

Anita Marrone, Westerlo

George Langdon III, Kevin Flensted, Amie Burnside, Westerlo

Karen Schimmer, chair, Berne Summerfest Committee

The Your Way Café in Schoharie was the restaurant under attack by The Old Men of The Mountain on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Deborah Busch has been outspoken during her first four years in the legislature and became the minority whip in the Democrat-dominated legislature.

In a town of 3,400, 500 voters turned out Sept. 1 and overwhelmingly voted down a proposal to repair and replace town buildings.

George Langdon III, Kevin Flensted, Amie Burnside, Westerlo


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