Landon Cooper ran a marathon to show his love for a friend battling sarcoma. He kept on running, across the country, and now around it, to raise funds and awareness about the rare cancer.

The Altamont Rescue Squad is planning a half-million-dollar expansion of its building, which it considers to be cramped.

Frank Cacckello has decided to step away from coaching the Guilderland girls' basketball team after 13 years; some complaints were rumbling. He announced earlier, this season would be his last.

Swimmers race other swimmers, but Jeremy Collison is always thinking about beating the clock.

The new AC power project has some residents wondering if their houses will be taken as the plan progresses.

To the Editor:

It is long overdue that we, the next generation, thank our parents, relatives, and neighbors for what they did for us during the Great War. We need to remember that these great people fought two wars and two countries at once.

To the Editor:

St. John’s Lutheran Church at 140 Maple Ave. in Altamont has the following schedule for Sunday, Feb.2: 

— 8:30 a.m. there will be an informal worship including modern and ethnic hymns plus a discussion of the format for the sermon; and

Last week, I said that we would explore building and scenery changes made because of technology and gifts from benefactors. 

My hometown of Fairhaven, Mass. has been honored with many gifts, so I would like to start with benefactors.

The Guilderland Senior Services is offering the following activities the week of   Feb. 3. Call the senior office at 356-1980, ext. 1048 for any questions or information.


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