GUILDERLAND — In the last six years, everyone in her family, save herself, has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, yet wife and mother Lori Rodino has remained hopeful, thanks in large part to help from the community.

 In the Division II Championship game last month in Philadelphia, Aaron Cahill and Danny Santandrea were teammates for LeMoyne College, and they went up against Eugene Sellie, who will be a senior at Mercyhurst College next fall. All three played lacrosse for Guilderland.


Stephen A. Venear was born Athanasium Frank Venearski, on Feb. 2, 1887 in Chemerootza, Russia and arrived in America in 1908, at the Port of New York, on the ship Statendam out of Rotterdam, Holland. He was 21 years old and already a trained nurse.

GUILDERLAND — Schoolchildren lined Coons Road on Tuesday afternoon, quietly holding patriotic signs they had made; many placed their hands over their hearts. They were waiting for a hearse.

People who like animals can often be distracted by them. If there is a dog barking in the neighborhood you may think, “I wonder if that dog is chasing a squirrel.” Or, “I’ll bet there is another dog in the area and they are talking to each other.”

To the Editor:

I think Altamont is becoming a microcosm of the United States as a whole (hole). People have become apathetic, disengaged and totally devoid of interest.

The village election brought out 60-plus people. The mayor blamed the weather. Does anyone really believe that?

The diverse boyhood Leon Rothenberg had in Altamont led to a career on two coasts manipulating sound.

As villagers mourned the loss of Altamont’s landmark garage this week, speculation was rampant about the cause of the June 5 fire that gutted the long-time repair shop.

The McKownville Reservoir Park will loose land to new parking lot.

Kimberly Dott, 44, turned herself in to Altamont Police in May. 


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