To the Editor:

Hi, I am Katrina Rucinski. I am a student from Altamont. I think Altamont is one of the best schools in the in the world.

A local family’s love of nature is bringing new life to an historic camp in the Adirondacks.


All Children Entering School Next September Must be Vaccinated — State Law Which Must be Complied With.

Less than five hours after his first arrest, at 4:09 a.m. on Sunday, June 22, David B. Kornfield was stopped again on Route 20, in a different car.

“We used the tail number on the plane to track down the pilot,” said Captain Curtis Cox of the Guilderland Police Department.

What a fun time was had by all the Altamont Seniors on Tuesday, June 24. We met for lunch as usual at St. Lucy's Parish Center.

Produce grown on the Barber Farm in Middleburgh is available behind Passonno Paints on Western Ave.

On Flag Day, June 14, Guilderland participated in a nationwide event, organized by the Smithsonian in honor of the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key composing the words to the song that became the national anthem in 1931. Key was inspired watching the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812 when he saw the flag still flying at Fort McHenry; the Smithsonian has preserved that flag. The day before the library's sing-along the Guilderland Elks held their traditional ceremony on the history of the flag.

It could take a year and a half for the school board to decide how, if at all, to re-organize its schools, possibly closing one, to save funds. A consultant released data last week, creating a stir.

As GCSD looks to save money by reorganizing and possibly closing an elementary school, residents must make their views known while also listening to others.


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