As I was listening to the sirens last Sunday my mind started to wander. Was that the Altamont Rescue Squad or a police siren? Years ago when I was much younger our friend, Judy  Hukey, was a member of the Rescue Squad. During the day, if she got a call, I would get a call!

The fourth annual Pet Connection held by The Animal Hospital in Guilderland on July 21.

During a July 17 event demonstrating and inspecting car seats at Crossgates Mall, 55 inspections yielded not one correctly installed seat.

Guilderland's newest high school assistant principal comes from Niskayuna, where she created a course in sports literature.

Josh Perkins will speak during the 9:30 a.m. Altamont Reformed Church worship service, which will be followed by an opportunity for casual conversation at a “Lemonade on the Lawn” 

The overall complexity of Lyme disease as well as the absurdities of the political compliance has led to an ongoing nightmare.

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland Rock Adventure Barn is re-opening to the public during select hours, after being used only for Tawasentha Park summer camps for the past several years.

Fire Departments have long been a keystone of community involvement but to members in Guilderland they’re even more than that — they’re family.

Peter Letko, chief operator of the town’s water plant, located in the Northeastern Industrial Park, attributes Guilderland’s water quality to the way the town treats it at the plant.

“We use anthracite coal and different sizes of garnet stone to filter out the impurities,” he said. “We also use enhanced coagulation to take as much total organic carbon — the funky, swampy-tasting stuff — out of the water.”


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