ALTAMONT — Robert Burns did not know the words to many songs but he knew the beat to them all. If there was a dance anywhere in Altamont, he would buy a ticket and be the first to arrive and, more often than not, he would be the last to leave.

Growing up in a segregated Wichita, André Thomas found a place where race didn't matter — the choir. But he eschewed spirituals, seeing them as a way whites put down blacks, until his mentor, Jester Hairston, led him to embrace his heritage. Now, he's an authority on spirituals and most recently sought his African roots.

To the Editor:

It is with great pride yet with sorrow that we at Boyd Hilton Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7062 add three names to the Glenn R. Gilbert Memorial Plaque at our post.

One of the benefits of getting together with friends is the sharing of information that takes place. Of course, each group is different. When we meet with other parents who have children in the same school the sharing might be about the courses they are taking.

The worship schedule at St. John’s Lutheran Church at 140 Maple Ave., in Altamont on Sunday, Sept. 22, with a special guest, is as follows:

— 8:30 a.m., informal worship with modern and ethnic hymns and a discussion format sermon;

— 11 a.m., traditional service, with traditional pipe organ accompaniment.

Charlie Stewart learned how to build his first Model T when he was 13, now he's teaching his young grand children how to carry on the family tradition.

Altamont mechanic, Kevin Willsey,  pleads guilty to buying thousands of dollars worth of stolen vehicles and parts

“After the first Harley, I just couldn’t go to anything else,” said Mr. Munroe. He said he loves both the look and the sound of the Harley-Davidson, and even tried to make his first Honda motorcycle sound similar to a Harley.

GUILDERLAND — The meeting of the Westmere Board of Fire Commissioners previously scheduled for Monday, Sept. 23, at 6:30 p.m. has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at 1741 Western Ave. in Guilderland.


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