Katy Guyer's nervous worries about showing her chicken at the fair turned to smiles after the judge coached her; she left the ring with a blue ribbon.

Firefighters will return to the village to share and celebrate. The public is encouraged to join in the festivities.

Passing the crown, Little Miss Emma Isdell, 5, from Scotia is crowned by the outgoing Little Miss, Abby Leszczynski, during Tuesday's pageant the opening day of the Altamont Fair.

Jonny Hirsch blows a cool sax at the Altamont Fair Tuesday as cloudy skies silhouette a near-empty midway ride. Opening day started with heavy rain, which gradually cleared until a sudden evening deluge left a lake to be swept, while reflecting the glow of midway lights, beckoning no one.

All eyes are on the prize as a Reithoffer worker reaches for a stuffed toy soon to be in the hands of the winning girl whose shot landed in the fish bowl opening day at the Altamont Fair.

Two fair workers — Daniel and Larry — see from their booths on the midway a chance to help others, through a shelter for battered women or the chance to ring the Kitty Striker.

The Guilderland Senior Services is offering the following activities the week of Aug. 19. Call the senior office at 356-1980, ext. 1048 for any questions or information.

GUILDERLAND CENTER — After the Helderberg Reformed Church burned more than two decades ago, and the congregation was organizing to rebuild, Henry Adams Jr., the church’s secretary-treasurer, wrote out thank-you notes to every donor.

Serge Coronas Jr. and his family have been a part of the big top for five generations. He talked about his life and Circus Hollywood while visiting the Altamont Fair this week.

ALTAMONT –– Native and traditional living has practically gone out the window these days, but some people still hold true to their upbringing and culture.

For example, do you know anyone who doesn’t own a cellular phone?


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