GUILDERLAND — Three teachers, two secretaries, and a principal were recognized this year by the school board for what Lin Severance called their “outstanding contributions to the Guilderland Central School District.”

Four or five soccer teams can make a case for a Class AA championship in 2014, and Guilderland is certainly one of them. 

Guilderland is the defending Class AA soccer champion, and after a successful regular season, the team is looking to repeat.

Guilderland Police arrested a 29-year-old homeless man for attempted burglaries, who then hanged himself in jail. The sheriff estimates the county's jail has one suicide a year.

Years ago, when we first moved into the village of Altamont, my husband, Jim, was concerned about our moving from a large city to a small village. My evenings and days off in Hartford were spent with friends, the Hartford Ballet Company, and the Junior Woman’s Club.

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

The New Salem Volunteer Fire Department invites you for a tour of our Punkintown Scaregrounds.  We have transformed our fairgrounds into a haunted neighborhood full of spooks, skeletons, scarecrows and surprises. 

Smokey Bear came out to greet kids on Monday morning at the Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center in Albany.

GUILDERLAND — At least four different agencies are working together to solve the quadruple homicide that was discovered last Wednesday, Oct. 8, where a couple and their two children were murdered in their Guilderland home at 1846 Western Avenue.

As facts slowly come to light on the murder of two Guilderland Elementary students and their parents, the staff is helping their classmates and each other work through their grief with care and compassion.


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