To the Editor:

I often say to myself and others that we need to notice and commend our young people when they go the extra mile to help others.  Quite honestly, we certainly notice and talk about negative behavior enough.  So with that in mind, I decided to put my thoughts into action.

To the Editor:

A man with a history of alcohol-related offenses pleaded guilty to another drunk-driving charge.

David Albert Crosby, a former Guilderland resident who directed college events and loved fishing, died on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014, in Belhaven, N.C. He was 57.

Mr. Crosby was born on Feb. 2, 1956, in Hudson, N.Y., the oldest son of the late Howard and Jane Crosby, of Foundry Road in Guilderland.

Winning isn't a priority for Guilderland cross-country skiers; it's a privilege.

Guilderland has had a lot of large leads this season, but Columbia closed the gap to four points in the last quarter of Friday's game.

Jason Rudebush, speeding home from Camp Bisco, was stopped by Altamont Police who found drugs in his car; he says their confiscating his car and money made him desperate.

Fifty people, mostly school staff and parents, offered varied viewpoints on what matters most in a Guilderland education as the district drafts its budget for next year.

Richie Phillips's forbearers wrote tunes for comic characters like Popeye and Betty Boop; he composes country songs for local places — like Altamont.

New York State Court of Appeals Associate Judge Victoria Graffeo was honored last week with two different awards.


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