Back in the dark ages of the 1980s, I attended an actual physical college.

I had an argument with a girlfriend one time — I can't even remember what it was about — and to patch things up she gave me a nice Buck pocketknife.

Erika Gauthier, president, The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce

To the Editor:

The charm and beauty of our village does not go without notice to the most casual passerby. 

John C. Overbeck, Guilderland Center

Tom McFadden, Guilderland


Passed Away Tuesday Night at the Home of His Parents—Was 24 Years Old—Funeral Friday Afternoon.

Noah Tindale stays humble when talking about his victory and talent; he says he gets his motivation from his teammates and from his faith.

Rick Georgeson, a representative for DEC Region 4, said, on Wednesday, that the spill had been caused by “a problem with the electric generation equipment at the hydroelectric dam” for the Watervliet Reservoir.


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