Despite being Mother’s Day weekend, we had 45 people to our meeting. 

Birthday greetings were sung to Roz Moser and Marilyn Nardillio. 

The anniversaries being celebrated for the month of May are Linda and Don McDermott, and Shirley and Scott Wright.   

Sunshine reported that Gladys Bailey is in St. Peter’s Hospital.

The parade committee reported that plans are going nicely. We are to meet the Sunday before Memorial Day at 1:30 p.m. to put it all together. Hope to see a big turnout. We have never done this before, so it should be fun?

Mary O’Hanlon announced that she would be willing to do a CPR course for seniors depending on the interest. Also, the Tai Chi classes are fun, fun, fun and also beneficial. I am going to hold a night course, so if interested call.

Silver Slippers is offered at your local Y and your secondary insurance will be responsible for it. We should take advantage of these free offerings. 

Pastor Wendy said the Berne Public Library will be holding a photography program titled, Photos on the


Group trips

The trip committee reported that the Beeches trip on June 19 could use more people. This is always

a fun trip with the show and buffet. We have learned to eat the dessert first. Also, the July 17 trip to Herkimer for the ride on the Erie Canal has openings. Our trip in September to Cape May is filling nicely. Call to make your reservations. This is Sept. 22-24. Lots of activities are being planned. Call 872-2448 for further information.

Senior activities

There is plenty to do out there for seniors. One of our seniors, Tom Smith, belongs to the Depot Singers.

This group puts on a show in the spring and winter. This was my first time at one of their performances and it was excellent. Hopefully, for the winter show we can get a group to go and enjoy the talents of our community.

Great job, Tom!

Quote for the week:  Laughter doesn’t require teeth!


Well they say April showers bring May flowers let’s hope so!

Please remember to use our senior shuttle for shopping. This month we will be going on May 14 and May 29.  Please call CDTA at 437-5161 to signup for pick-up. When you get a pickup time make sure you are out and ready to be picked up.  

Meeting news

Our next senior meeting is May 10. Come enjoy companionship, vital senior information, and a great lunch. You can join at any meeting. 

We had a great meeting with the Attorney General’s office on seniors and scams. Information is available at the senior center if you are interested.  

Grassroots Day for seniors is May 20, this day is held by the New York Statewide Senior Action Council. There will be talks about issues facing seniors today. For more information call 800-333-4374.  This event will be held at 275 State Street in Albany. Lunch will be provided. You must register if you plan on attending.  


Remember the Memorial Day Parades on May 26. Show your support for all our veterans. Enjoy the senior float and meet our king and queen, Mike and Sharon Vincent.

Trip planned

In June we will be having a trip to The Beeches Dinner Theater for a buffet lunch and show.  Call Shirley Slingerland at 797-3467 to sign up.  

June meeting

Our June senior meeting will be on June 14. Our guest speaker will be from the Albany County District Attorney’s Justice Outreach Center. All are welcome. I’m trying to get the Senior Shuttle to do a Thursday trip to ShopRite in June. More information will follow if I get enough interest.  Please call me at 861-8960 if you are interested.  I will need time to contact CDTA and the Senior Shuttle to set up the date.   

Have a great May.

Editor’s note: Charlotte Fuss is the president of the Hilltowns Seniors.



Our April 12, meeting of the Hilltowns Seniors was packed, as we had to make room for more.

They must of heard of the great time we were going to have.

We started off by singing happy-birthday to Elsie Turon; she will be glad when this birthday is over. We also sang to Claudia Nedesky, Fred Wilms and Jim Croote. Then we sang happy-anniversary to Dave and Claudia Nedesky. Dave missed the first singing, so we had to do it again. A get-well card was sent to Gladys Bailey.

The trip to Corning Glass was discussed with everyone having a good time. Some of the girls made pendants and showed off their finished product. Everyone agreed that the blowing glass demonstration was their favorite. It was amazing to see a beautiful bowl made in fifteen minutes.

The only disappointment was that a lot of the dishes and ornaments they had for sale were from China.

Our next trips to the Glen House and The Beaches are filling up nicely. 

We are still looking for someone to do the anniversary dinner. Also, the June meeting needs a kitchen committee. 

It was announced that 14 people from our organization attended the Senior Expo in Albany. They found it very interesting and came away with some new ideas and a full stomach.

Our entertainment was the arrival of the Easter Bunny with a basket filled with goodies. Thank you, Jessica for helping us out. Jessica is a student from Berne-Knox-Westerlo that volunteers for parties for kids of all ages. 

Also, we read a poem about baseball and sang, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, followed by an egg tossing contest won by Ruth Snyder. Come to find out, Ruthie played softball for Schoharie High School. 

Don’t forget the NEAT dinner April 21.

I wondered why the Frisbee was getting bigger and then it hit me!


April will be a busy month for the Hilltowns Seniors.

The shopping bus will be making its Wednesday trips on April 2 and 16.  The April 2, trip will be to Wal-Mart and Crossgates Mall and the April 16, trip will be to Wal-Mart and Colonie Center.  Please call the CDTA at 437-5161 at least 2 days in advance to arrange for pickup by the bus.

Spring festival

There will be a Spring Festival on Wednesday, April 9, at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church on Whitehall Road in Albany from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  If we can get enough folks interested in going we will try to arrange for the senior bus to take us from Berne. Lunch will be provided at the festival. Please call me at 861-8960 if you are interested or if you have questions.

Seniors meet

The next Hilltowns Seniors meeting will be on Saturday, April 12, at the senior center on Helderberg Trail in Berne.  The social hour starts at 10:30 a.m., followed by a short meeting and lunch.

Seniors day

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 6.  New York State Senior Citizens Recognition Day will take place at the Egg in downtown Albany from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Again, if we can get sufficient folks interested we will try to arrange for the senior bus to take us from Berne.  Call me at 861-8960 if you are interested or for additional information.

Let’s hope spring will cooperate with us and make its appearance for these events.

Editor’s note: Charlotte Fuss is the president of the Hilltowns Seniors.



Our February meeting had a lot of activity going on. I think it was just getting out of the house and seeing everyone put smiles on all our faces.

 Our vice-president, Jonathan Wood, finally got our attention to quiet down and start the meeting.

I must say we have the best looking vice-president. Anyway, he invited a member of the attorney general’s office to show us a Power Point presentation about scams. That really got our attention and before we knew it an hour was up. We invited him back to continue his talk.

There is some talk about having a community showing. I hope that it happens, because this is all available information for everyone to know.

Next, we had a short meeting with a mention of a trip to Corning Glass, on April 8. If we get enough people to sign-up, we will be given a voucher towards lunch. On the way home we will be stopping at Brooks. The cost is $45 for members and $50 for non-members. Contact Shirley Slingerland if you are interested.

If you look at the calendar for the month of February there are a lot of things going on. I had made up some games. We had a Valentine’s word scrambled, sang a song about Ground Hog’s Day, a quiz about the Super Bowl for the women, and questions about Presidents Washington and Lincoln.

So, I asked what else was special about February and Alyce said it was her birthday. And, it was also Jean Wright and Doris Skinner’s birthdays. So we sang them a hardy birthday greeting. Then it was mentioned that it was my and Bill’s 48th anniversary and John Rossman announced that it was his and Millie’s 56th that day. Millie you know what I am thinking. So, we also sang happy anniversary.

But, there was one more thing and that was the Olympics. So I had Mike Vincent, Ed Wood, and Bob Porter come up front. They had to toss a bag of candy through a hole in a cardboard box. Bob got the gold, Ed the silver and Mike the bronze. And I gave them a kiss on each cheek. Isn’t that what they do at the ceremonies? Anyway, it was a great time.

Our next meeting will be at the Berne Reform Church (the white church on the hill) for corned beef and cabbage. So, wear your green everyone and I will try to think of some Irish things to do.

Remember we meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Berne Senior Center, unless told otherwise.

I am mixed up with the bus schedule right now, so I will get back to you on that.

Skip Skinner had another story, but it was too long for me to write down. Something about a big toe and a “toe” truck.

Stay warm and have you noticed that it is staying lighter out at night, yea!!