Jim and I were excitedly talking about the book signing held in the village community room. The book, Images of America: Altamont was written by Altamont’s own, long time resident, Keith Lee. It is the first look at Altamont since the book written by village and town historian, Arthur Gregg.

My daughter, Marcia Pangburn, was interviewed by the Enterprise last week for an article that appeared in the July 31 paper.  It was an unfortunate incedent and one that is causing her sleepless nights.

When we talk about water we find that it has different meanings for different people. It has also created different experiences for different people. Many years ago when I was much younger, all of the students in our school were required to read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Recent weeks have been very busy. Summer is a great time for outdoor activities.

Jim and I were sitting in the living room with the television turned on playing quietly to no one in particular. I was reading a book, and Jim was working on a word puzzle. At some point I realized that there was some music playing. I scoured the room to detect its origin, and being unsuccessful, I gave up the search.