As a young girl, when my family and friends wanted to go to an exciting adventure park, we would pile in the car and go to Lincoln Park near New Bedford, Mass. This was a family owned amusement park similar to Hoffman’s Playland.

Having a child can be a very exciting, nerve-wracking, wonderful, and awful experience especially when you are having your first child. We do not really know what to expect, even though we have had loads and loads of advice and counsel from our friends and family.

During discussions with new friends there is one question that frequently comes into the conversation. That question is, “Where do you live?” When we answer with “Altamont, N.Y.” we can never be sure of the response.

Monday, Feb. 23, arrived with a temperature of minus eight. I talked on the phone a lot to Kathy and then Pat.

Kassi and I tried to coordinate our dates because birthdays come and we always celebrate them.

Cindy, our daughter was in the next room catching up with Christa, her sister, on the phone, when I heard Christa, who lives across the river, say, “Mom that is a nice hairdo.” I am accustomed to hearing compliments from our daughters because they always notice other people and are very quick to let them know that there is something ab