We all seem to have a trigger that transcends us into a different place in time. The new contracts to transport our astronauts to and from the space station could either direct you to new travel in space, or it could send you back in time to the days of Buck Rogers.

Monday, Sept. 8, was a busy day with errands.

My granddaughter, Danielle Ricketts called to tell me about their weekend. Danielle, Zoey, and Matt Babcock drove to York Beach, Me., for the weekend. Zoey loved the ocean and especially the sand.

Wow! What a night! Last Tuesday, we attended an apron presentation at the Noah Masonic Lodge on Maple Avenue. As a mason Jim would have gone to the meeting anyway, but this was a very special meeting. This meeting was preceded by dinner and was open to family and friends of those who were receiving aprons.

Monday, Sept. 1, was still a melancholy day for me. I seemed to be in the grieving mood all morning.

Brandon and Jenn picked up Samson and Nichole in Schoharie and drove to Leonard Hill Water Tower in Broome County. They enjoyed the beautiful view and the invigorating hike.

When you hear a reporter talking about Congress and immigration what comes to your mind? My first thought is the story I have told before about the family from Poland that St. Lucy’s Church sponsored to come to the United States.