Frank L. Palmeri

A little over a year ago, I took time off from work to accompany my wife to a doctor’s appointment.

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Here's a great word we don't often hear spoken but that we deal with (at least I do) all the time: conundrum.

Hobbies are something you do in your free time for enjoyment or relaxation.

It was Mother’s Day at Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church in Guilderland.

You would think at my advanced middle age — let's just say I'm old enough to know better — I would have tried most everything I'm remotely interested in by now. But, guess what? The other day I ate sardines for the first time in my life. Don't ask me why, I just had the idea that it was time.

When the first new vehicle my lovely wife and I had ever purchased, a red Plymouth Voyager, got T-boned and totaled, we needed a replacement vehicle right away.

Back in the day — and I mean way, way back — men wore loincloths, painted their faces, and went out with spears to hunt down a beast so the family could eat.

You've heard the saying: "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Well, that may be true, but I can tell you for a fact that there is such a thing as a free dinner.

I was going to write about various hobbies I've tried and would like to try.

There was an article in a local newspaper about learning how to do remodeling and home-improvement projects.


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