Alice Begley

GUILDERLAND — Many new residents in the town of Guilderland have probably never heard of the Red Men's Wigwam, the historic building that was on the south side of Route 20, east of the Hamilton Uni


When Doctor Frederick Crounse's old barn was still up, curious people stopped by to visit it a lot!

Baron von Steuben, known for his knowledge of military discipline, has not been widely known in the Hellebergh history annals.

More historic yellowed papers keep finding their way to this historian's desk to keep her busy in the snowless winter we are having.

With the Christmas season and all its tinsel, lights, and greenery upon us, the mail also brings letters sometimes like gifts – like the following letter that this historian hopes will turn into a

Bill Donato has restored the cemetery Bill Bennett uncovered on land he purchased in Dunnsville.

It is interesting to think that, back in time, the town of Guilderland didn't have defined roads.  In fact, in 1812, the recently named commissioners of the town highway department were just beginn

A very interesting message from a telephone correspondent near Kiowa, Oklahoma caught this historian's attention this week with a call from that state.

GUILDERLAND — In the beginning days of the town of Guilderland, there was no Medicare or Medicaid for the ill, poor, or elderly.  Individuals had to rely on their neighbors or persons cited by the

In dealing with the Schoolhouse Mansion restoration, this historian has learned many new things about that subject and new words concerning it.


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