Alice Begley

This historian has filled columns with information on the Schoolcraft House and the congressman that built it, John L. Schoolcraft.

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ALTAMONT — An enriching evening spent in the Altamont Community Room on Monday, June 23, presented Everett Rau, a long-time Altamont resident, billed as “An American Farmer, Rich in Spirit.” He was

Thoughts of the changing times, changing landscapes, changing ways of life coincide in several articles uncovered by this historian.

A pharmacy, now called a “drugstore,” is an integral part of life in a small village.  Altamont residents have had a pharmacy, off and on, since 1885.

Continuing with Marvin “Shorty” Vrooman’s newspaper clippings from the Knowersville Enterprise “From Our Files” column dated July 4th, 1885:

A frail blue, cardboard-covered booklet titled “From Our Files” was passed on to this historian from the late assistant town historian, Fred Abele.  It is a collection of news items put together by

Nathan J. Johnson was a lawyer from Granville, N.Y. when he joined the Union Army to fight in the Civil War.

Most people (women usually) dislike it when they have to take their car to the garage for an oil change, new tires, or to fix “something.” This historian actually enjoys that task.

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