ALTAMONT — By the time Paul Bullman had his high school diploma in 1966, the men in his life were military men. His brothers and his father had already joined, and he followed.

Anthony Walker, who is 52, was still a child growing up in Brooklyn at the time, where he saw his friends consumed by the streets, some of them killed. Their role models were drug dealers, he said, but his cousin was in the military.

“I looked at him more as a big brother than as a cousin, and I wanted to follow him,” Walker said. “My mother really didn’t want it.”


In the face of declining enrollment and tight funds, rather than advocate for keeping one school over another, we need to work together to find a common solution.


Brenda McClaine, a math teacher charged with stealing over $100,000 from her union, is scheduled in county court the day classes start.

New Scotland

New Scotland is beginning its search for a consultant to help make its idea of a hamlet center a reality.


Losing most of its experienced skill set to graduation, the current Guilderland football team is making changes. 


Kristin Mack, who found Berne in her search for a rural practice to begin her career as a doctor of osteopathy, said her native community in West Virginia has many similarities with the rural Hilltowns.


“We actually started as more of a holistic health practice 35 years ago,” said Father Peter Young this week. “We’re sort of trying to go back to our roots now.”