Suburban schools — for decades a beacon, attracting city dwellers — are now feeling the effects of poverty, too.

“Since the downturn of the economic system, what was there,” Rebecca Gardner said of poverty, “has become much more severe very quickly.”  Gardner, who started her career as teacher, then worked in support services at the State Education Department for 27 years, now is on the faculty of the Capital Area School Development Association.


“People need to know that other people care. That’s huge. It helps them have hope," says a faculty member who advises schools on helping students living in poverty. Each of us can make a difference.


James R. Greene, who headed the village planning board when Stewart’s was exploring options in Altamont, said it was “an outright fabrication” that the board had suggested purchasing property in order to resolve issues.

New Scotland

The engineer said the water system will run up-slope and through the woods from the Swift Road pump station to Route 85.


Meghan Gutknecht doesn’t give up. Last week, she was standing in the Brazilian sunshine with a bronze medal hanging from a ribbon around her neck.


The special election comes just a few months before a large general election but several years after stalled plans to fix a leaking roof and a weathered highway garage.


County Legislator Herbert Reilly says he recalls the pain he saw in Clarksville years ago from polluted water and so has drafted a bill to protect public water supplies from blasting.